Bulling video

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Letter to the editor live exports

Kicked, Punched, Eye Gauged, Broken bones and Strangled. These are reasons why there should not be LIVE EXPORTS.


All the Australian farmers and I are losing all our cattle in a cruel, Horrible, Appalling way and I don’t want to see my cattle Murdered. Would You?


As a result of Live Exports I’m losing all my money to pay off my debts! And plus I can feed me cows without money.


Look, I want to DIE farming and I can’t do that without the money I get for selling my Cattle because without money I can’t buy food for me family and pay for me kids’  education.


There are 700 abattoirs in Indonesia and most of them kill me cattle properly. But some people are just cruel to me cattle and there dying in a traumatizing, disgusting and horrible way.


 In conclusion I don’t like to hear that cattle are being slaughtered and murdered it makes me feel terrible. Are saying NO to LIVE EXPORTS. Farmer Steve Cows, Warrnambool.         By Mitchell Bidmade


                     The Bishawkwolftiger lives on the planet of maailma where it is cold and dark most of the time. It is very mountainious and it rains allmost all day. The only plants that grow and mosses and fungusses. The Bishawkwolftiger has incredible speed and stamina and it can run forever.

Nerve Tester

Does the Game work as intended? Yes the game does work as intended

If you made any changes to your design what would it be? I would change the design because im not all that happy with it.

What would you do to improve your design? Take more care and take my time.

What was the easiest part when constructing the game? Painting cause you just move a brush.

What was the most difficult part when consturing the game? The wires and the LED lights because that was my first constuction.

Multiple Intelligence Test

I completed a survey which said that my strengths are 1st People smart, 2nd Body. smart and 3rd Picture smart and Music smart.

I agree with this because I think it matches me.

The thing I found most interesting I thought 1st i thought would be body smart but people smart was.

Royal Flying Chickens

It is believed that yesterday on Mr and Mrs Tweedys evil chicken farm the chickens built a plane  and flew out of the farm and

escaped. Before the intelligent chickens left the farm the Tweedys brought a pie making machine and they were planning on killing all of the mischievous chickens and make then into pies. As the first chicken was killed all the chickens then became scared for their life. They had to do something. So they came up with a plan to fly and try to escape. Then a circus rooster Rocky Roads flew in and offered to teach them how to fly as the chickens started training they all thought that Rocky could actually fly but all he was doing was just getting fired out of a large cannon. But one particular night Rocky Roads decided to leave. And then the determined chickens found out that Rocky couldn’t actually fly he would just be shot out of a cannon. It was later on discovered that the hard working chickens built a plane and flew over the fence. The well-constructed air craft was believed and old rooster named Fowler controlled the plane to successes. It was then discovered that Mr and Mrs Tweedy did not actually like the chickens. We don’t know at this time were the chickens are at this time we hope they are living somewhere where they are happy